Dag: 30 augustus 2022

Bibliotheek Venlo t.b.v. student chess club

De Bibliotheek Venlo meldt dat Henk van Gool een ‘schaakclinic’ gaat geven aan studenten.
Zie hieronder.

Chess Club: Kick-off

‘On Tuesday 30th August the first student chess club in the history of Venlo will have its festive kick-off in our ‘Huiskamer’. In a 3-hour evening session, you will learn the first steps of this strategic game by Henk van Gool. He has 40 years of experience as a member of the Venlose Schaakvereniging, the ‘Venlo Chess Club’. He will accompany you on the first steps in your chess journey. We expect little experience, except how the pieces move. You will learn how important tactic is, openings and chess puzzles.

We will provide some snacks, drinks and chess boards. Everyone is welcome!
This event is for free , but don’t forget to sign up!
Internationals are more than welcome!

Voor het originele bericht op hun website, klik hier.